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We've Met Before12We've Met BeforeI'm A Lip Biter48I'm A Lip BiterIn Her Own Mad Mind48In Her Own Mad MindA Little Shy48A Little ShyYou Keep Me Smiling48You Keep Me SmilingHow Do I Look?35How Do I Look?You Found Me35You Found MeIt Was My Idea35It Was My IdeaThe Non-Fiction Section35The Non-Fiction SectionHave A Little Laugh35Have A Little LaughRing My Bell35Ring My BellI'm A Winner35I'm A WinnerGoing Back To Work35Going Back To WorkPleasure To Meet You42Pleasure To Meet YouI Got Time42I Got TimeBe My Dancer Partner42Be My Dancer PartnerWhere Are We Going?42Where Are We Going?It Won't Be Long42It Won't Be LongI Really Like You24I Really Like YouHe Popped The Question6He Popped The Question