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I Dressed Nice For This30I Dressed Nice For ThisI Make This Look Good30I Make This Look GoodDrama Just Goes On & On30Drama Just Goes On & OnLove The Hair30Love The HairI'm Amazed30I'm AmazedAny Plans For Tonight?30Any Plans For Tonight?I Need To Know30I Need To KnowSuspicious Eyes30Suspicious EyesShould-A-Khoudia30Should-A-KhoudiaJust Chillin'24Just Chillin'Getting To Know You24Getting To Know YouExtravagant24ExtravagantWedding Dress Still Fits24Wedding Dress Still FitsOn A Blind Date24On A Blind DateAre You Ready?24Are You Ready?I'm Highly Aware24I'm Highly AwareWho's Driving?24Who's Driving?Do I Look Worried?24Do I Look Worried?This Is Insane24This Is InsaneI See You24I See You