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That's A Funny Story35That's A Funny StoryI'm Your Host Tonight48I'm Your Host TonightTough12ToughBoss12BossHello There12Hello ThereThe Dress24The DressTake Control24Take ControlAfter 4AM24After 4AMDreamcatcher24DreamcatcherSo High35So HighThis Is Your Captain35This Is Your CaptainFeelin' Buzzed35Feelin' BuzzedTrapped Up Against The Wall35Trapped Up Against The WallThis Time I'll Be In The Audience35This Time I'll Be In The AudienceColumbian Goddess35Columbian GoddessDistraction On The Court35Distraction On The CourtVacation Fun30Vacation FunWe Need To Talk42We Need To TalkChill Out42Chill OutLuxuriant Knockout35Luxuriant Knockout