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I'm So High56I'm So HighNotice Any Changes?56Notice Any Changes?See If I Care56See If I CareBefore I Go56Before I GoNever Had A Doubt70Never Had A DoubtWhy Are You Not Naked?70Why Are You Not Naked?Come By, I'm Outside42Come By, I'm OutsideStarlight42StarlightPeople Worry Too Much42People Worry Too MuchI Want To Hold Your Hand48I Want To Hold Your HandI Know You From High School48I Know You From High SchoolSummer Angel35Summer AngelThe One & Only35The One & OnlyEveryone Loves The Wilde35Everyone Loves The WildeSmokin' Hot35Smokin' HotUnpredictable35UnpredictableMeeting Ms. Right At School35Meeting Ms. Right At SchoolI've Been Waiting35I've Been WaitingFine As Wine35Fine As WineI Did What Now?35I Did What Now?