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Hot Lovin'108Hot Lovin'Nitty Kriti108Nitty KritiWe Should Do This Again108We Should Do This AgainYou're Runnin' Out Of Time108You're Runnin' Out Of TimeNailed It108Nailed ItI Was Never In Chains108I Was Never In ChainsHandle The Vibe108Handle The VibeLet's Get Tropical108Let's Get TropicalSynchronize In 3..2..1108Synchronize In 3..2..1How To Catch A Stalker108How To Catch A StalkerI'll Show You Attitude108I'll Show You AttitudeJump In108Jump InHe's Walking This Way108He's Walking This WayLead Role Will Be Mine108Lead Role Will Be MineReporting Live108Reporting LiveGlad You Like It108Glad You Like ItI Hate This Place108I Hate This PlaceAfter A Hard Days Work108After A Hard Days WorkDancefloor108DancefloorGlow Basking108Glow Basking