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So Hard To Stay Away35So Hard To Stay AwayI Feel So High When I Hear Your Name12I Feel So High When I Hear Your NameLet Me Be Your Addiction12Let Me Be Your AddictionDo Something About It12Do Something About ItTalk To Myself30Talk To MyselfI Know Her As Jamie Powell30I Know Her As Jamie PowellClose Up42Close UpStunning35StunningComposure30ComposureSeverely Blunted70Severely BluntedSmokin' Hot108Smokin' HotDon't Test Me12Don't Test MeShe's An Angel24She's An AngelStunning35StunningWhenever You're Ready35Whenever You're ReadyIt's All Good30It's All GoodBlack & White Beauty30Black & White BeautyMan of Many Voices108Man of Many VoicesDavenie Johanna 'Joey' Heatherton24Davenie Johanna 'Joey' HeathertonWe'll Just See About That24We'll Just See About That