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You're Always On My Mind12You're Always On My MindYou Make Me Happy12You Make Me HappyLet Me Be Your Addiction12Let Me Be Your AddictionDo Something About It12Do Something About ItTalk To Myself30Talk To MyselfI Know Her As Jamie Powell30I Know Her As Jamie PowellWould You Like A Tour?12Would You Like A Tour?Time After Time12Time After TimeWe Need To Talk42We Need To TalkClose Up42Close UpStunning35StunningI'm Undercover35I'm UndercoverLate For My Interview35Late For My InterviewWhere's My Horse?35Where's My Horse?Sexy Sponge Bath35Sexy Sponge BathThat's Very Interesting35That's Very InterestingYou're Funny35You're FunnyPainted Silver Light24Painted Silver LightTemporary Saint24Temporary SaintGet Under Here35Get Under Here