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You Came For Me12You Came For MeI Know Her As Lily12I Know Her As LilyYou Make Me Happy12You Make Me HappyTime After Time12Time After TimeI'm Undercover35I'm UndercoverThat's Very Interesting35That's Very InterestingYou're Funny35You're FunnyTemporary Saint24Temporary SaintGet Under Here35Get Under HereThat's The Way It Is35That's The Way It IsThat's Hilarious35That's HilariousAll At Once (It's Not Important)80All At Once (It's Not Important)I Know Her As Kelly48I Know Her As KellyRemarkable70RemarkableMake Yourself At Home35Make Yourself At HomeWanna Go To The Game?35Wanna Go To The Game?Let's Work It Out35Let's Work It OutNo Big Deal35No Big DealI Know Her as Dee35I Know Her as DeeWho Do You Like, Meg Or Jackie?35Who Do You Like, Meg Or Jackie?