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You Turned Me Around108You Turned Me AroundNever Forget Me108Never Forget MeUnder The Pier108Under The PierAnyone Who Had A Heart48Anyone Who Had A HeartI'll Give It A Shot35I'll Give It A ShotLet's Break Some Rules35Let's Break Some RulesThese Days35These DaysWish You Would Stay35Wish You Would StayTake Your Time35Take Your TimeThat's A Funny Story35That's A Funny StoryShe Can Sing As Well35She Can Sing As WellI Love Her Hair48I Love Her HairY'all Don't Know Me35Y'all Don't Know MeYou'd Like That Wouldn't You?35You'd Like That Wouldn't You?I Ate Her Lunch48I Ate Her LunchInevitable Kali48Inevitable KaliLove The Hair48Love The HairNot In The Mood24Not In The MoodCharisma24CharismaAll That24All That