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Time Shouldn't Matter42Time Shouldn't MatterWhat's The Hurry?35What's The Hurry?Flirting Between Scenes35Flirting Between ScenesLet's Ride35Let's RideThrough The Trees35Through The TreesLeaf Me Be35Leaf Me BeHow Do You Like Me Now?35How Do You Like Me Now?Hot Lovin'108Hot Lovin'Nitty Kriti108Nitty KritiWe Should Do This Again108We Should Do This AgainLet's Get Tropical108Let's Get TropicalSynchronize In 3..2..1108Synchronize In 3..2..1Have A Good Night30Have A Good NightSelena Surprised30Selena SurprisedMeet You At The Gates12Meet You At The GatesYou Like My Style?12You Like My Style?A Crush On Me?48A Crush On Me?Stage On The Beach35Stage On The BeachLooking Good On The Catwalk35Looking Good On The CatwalkI'm A Winner35I'm A Winner