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I Need Your Touch35I Need Your TouchI Like Beanies35I Like BeaniesDo We Work Together?35Do We Work Together?After A Nice Bike Ride48After A Nice Bike RideRespect The Law48Respect The LawGot It Goin' On48Got It Goin' OnPaint48PaintLets Go48Lets GoFavorite Shirt Faded48Favorite Shirt FadedOkay, I Believe You48Okay, I Believe YouPlease Join Us48Please Join UsHe Wants My Attention48He Wants My AttentionRead The Shirt48Read The ShirtIs That All Ya Got?48Is That All Ya Got?Domino48DominoSweeter Than Candy56Sweeter Than CandySexy Is My Middle Name54Sexy Is My Middle NameGet Down!48Get Down!How Gorgeous Am I?42How Gorgeous Am I?New Necklace70New Necklace