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Say What?16Say What?Danger16DangerAbout To Rage16About To RageI Was Only Sleeping16I Was Only SleepingWhat's In Here?16What's In Here?Don't Provoke Me16Don't Provoke MeSun Is Almost Down16Sun Is Almost DownMy Pups Are Eating Tonight16My Pups Are Eating TonightThat's It! Now I'm Mad16That's It! Now I'm MadFast Food16Fast FoodThat's Embarassing24That's EmbarassingCount My Tips24Count My TipsBig Ol' Grumpster24Big Ol' GrumpsterDo Something24Do SomethingJust Walk Away24Just Walk AwayThere's A Rabbit Up This Hill24There's A Rabbit Up This HillOh Shit24Oh ShitThirsty Swimmer24Thirsty SwimmerYoung Hunter24Young HunterOut Of Breath99Out Of Breath