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Where I Want To Be35Where I Want To BeAt The Lake In The Fall35At The Lake In The FallPath To The Lake35Path To The LakeMy Dream Stone Home35My Dream Stone HomeThe Bridge35The BridgeIf I Could Live Anywhere35If I Could Live AnywhereDanger16DangerAbout To Rage16About To RageSun Is Almost Down16Sun Is Almost DownWelcome To Bear Country24Welcome To Bear CountryKnee Deep In Roaring Fork99Knee Deep In Roaring ForkPebble Beach48Pebble BeachWhere The Kids Swim & Play48Where The Kids Swim & PlayLets Go Fishing35Lets Go FishingHey, Don't Touch Me35Hey, Don't Touch MeSnow Day35Snow DayMy Home Town35My Home TownRiverfishing Hotspot24Riverfishing HotspotUp Before The Early Risers24Up Before The Early RisersWhy Haven't We Fished Here?24Why Haven't We Fished Here?