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In Her Own Mad Mind48In Her Own Mad MindA Little Shy48A Little ShyYou Keep Me Smiling48You Keep Me SmilingI'll Teach You To Dance48I'll Teach You To DanceYou Can Count On Me35You Can Count On MeLook Into My Eyes35Look Into My EyesHow Do I Look?35How Do I Look?You Found Me35You Found MeTry Me35Try MeIt Was My Idea35It Was My IdeaValance In Balance35Valance In BalanceHave A Little Laugh35Have A Little LaughRing My Bell35Ring My BellDear Lady Thaila35Dear Lady ThailaI Got Time42I Got TimeBe My Dancer Partner42Be My Dancer PartnerActing Contrary42Acting ContraryComfortably Numb42Comfortably NumbDon't Make Me Mad42Don't Make Me MadCaught On Camera24Caught On Camera