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Pistachio cake130Pistachio cakeCarrot almond cake132Carrot almond cakeLemon bar with coconut and macadamia crust132Lemon bar with coconut and macadamia crustAlmond Joy layer cake130Almond Joy layer cakeWarm apple cake130Warm apple cakeGerman chocolate layer cake130German chocolate layer cakeBaklava cheesecake130Baklava cheesecakeCaramel almond cake130Caramel almond cakeDried fruit and nuts torte130Dried fruit and nuts torteSpicy chocolate bark120Spicy chocolate barkChocolate hazelnut torte130Chocolate hazelnut torteChocolate hazelnut cake130Chocolate hazelnut cakeBaklava cheesecake130Baklava cheesecakeCondensed milk walnut marshmallow torte130Condensed milk walnut marshmallow torteAlmond Joy pie130Almond Joy pieCaramel almond cake130Caramel almond cakeBlueberry pistachio cake130Blueberry pistachio cakeWalnut torte130Walnut torteWhite chocolate cheesecake with macadamia nuts120White chocolate cheesecake with macadamia nutsBaklava120Baklava