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Pudding pie130Pudding pieStrawberry rhubarb pie130Strawberry rhubarb pieChocolate cake130Chocolate cakeSpumoni cake130Spumoni cakeTangerine cake126Tangerine cakeBrownie peanut butter and jelly sandwich130Brownie peanut butter and jelly sandwichStrawberries and ladyfingers130Strawberries and ladyfingersLemon poppy seed cheesecake130Lemon poppy seed cheesecakeKolaches130KolachesLemon cake132Lemon cakeChocolate peanut butter cake130Chocolate peanut butter cakeCinnamon roll apple pie132Cinnamon roll apple pieChocolate orange pie132Chocolate orange pieBlackberry cupcakes132Blackberry cupcakesChocolate cupcake130Chocolate cupcakeApple cherry strudel130Apple cherry strudelBlueberry pie130Blueberry pieBlack forest cake120Black forest cakeWhite chocolate raspberry cake130White chocolate raspberry cakeChocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake132Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake