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Chocolate bites130Chocolate bitesCrepes132CrepesChocolate ice cream cake130Chocolate ice cream cakeBirthday cake130Birthday cakeChocolate coconut cake130Chocolate coconut cakePeanut butter chocolate ice cream cake130Peanut butter chocolate ice cream cakeChocolate-covered strawberry brownies130Chocolate-covered strawberry browniesChocolate cheesecake cake132Chocolate cheesecake cakeBlackberry chocolate cake130Blackberry chocolate cakeChocolate-filled vanilla cookies120Chocolate-filled vanilla cookiesWhite chocolate raspberry cake130White chocolate raspberry cakeChocolate chip cookie cake110Chocolate chip cookie cakeHomemade Petit Ecolier cookies117Homemade Petit Ecolier cookiesBanana and nutella cake130Banana and nutella cakePudding pie130Pudding pieChocolate cake130Chocolate cakeBrownie peanut butter and jelly sandwich130Brownie peanut butter and jelly sandwichChocolate peanut butter cake130Chocolate peanut butter cakeChocolate orange pie132Chocolate orange pieChocolate cupcake130Chocolate cupcake