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Words to specify: +savory +treat +party +breakfast +lunch +dinner +grilled +fruit +cheese +avocado

Cherry almond cupcakes130Cherry almond cupcakesBacon potato pie132Bacon potato pieChocolate bites130Chocolate bitesFig preserve132Fig preserveSpinach and pea soup130Spinach and pea soupRed, yellow, and green peppers quiche130Red, yellow, and green peppers quicheRainbow smoothie117Rainbow smoothieCoconut custard pie130Coconut custard pieCrepes132CrepesAvocado grilled cheese130Avocado grilled cheeseApple honey cake130Apple honey cakeChocolate pancakes130Chocolate pancakesDulce de leche crepes130Dulce de leche crepesFresh eggs117Fresh eggsChicken alfredo sandwich130Chicken alfredo sandwichRed velvet smores waffles130Red velvet smores wafflesStuffed peppers120Stuffed peppersCinnamon roll apple pie132Cinnamon roll apple piePepperoni pizza grilled cheese130Pepperoni pizza grilled cheesePancakes with fresh blueberries132Pancakes with fresh blueberries