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Words to specify: +savory +snack +lunch +treat +breakfast +dinner +party +hearty +gourmet +grilled

Vanilla raspberry cake132Vanilla raspberry cakeBanana split layer cake130Banana split layer cakeColorful macaron tower130Colorful macaron towerBaklava130BaklavaPink ombre cake130Pink ombre cakeCherry almond cupcakes130Cherry almond cupcakesFrench breakfast130French breakfastBacon potato pie132Bacon potato piePancakes with fresh fruit130Pancakes with fresh fruitTriple chocolate checkered cake132Triple chocolate checkered cakeVanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting130Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frostingChocolate bites130Chocolate bitesRoses and macarons cake130Roses and macarons cakeBlueberry lemon mousse130Blueberry lemon mousseFig preserve132Fig preserveSpinach and pea soup130Spinach and pea soupRed, yellow, and green peppers quiche130Red, yellow, and green peppers quicheRainbow smoothie117Rainbow smoothieChocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake 2132Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake 2Coconut custard pie130Coconut custard pie