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Cherry almond cupcakes130Cherry almond cupcakesMarzipan treats130Marzipan treatsRed, yellow, and green peppers quiche130Red, yellow, and green peppers quicheRainbow smoothie117Rainbow smoothieAvocado grilled cheese130Avocado grilled cheeseStrawberry birthday cake130Strawberry birthday cakeMint panna cotta120Mint panna cottaCream cheese mints120Cream cheese mintsBlue ruffles120Blue rufflesTrifle with strawberries angel food cake130Trifle with strawberries angel food cakeSpring ombre cake130Spring ombre cakeJewel cupcakes with sprinkles on top120Jewel cupcakes with sprinkles on topVeggie snack117Veggie snackBlueberry panna cotta120Blueberry panna cottaRed roses and lace wedding cake130Red roses and lace wedding cakeBerry cheesecake130Berry cheesecakeRed velvet smores waffles130Red velvet smores wafflesBlue meringue cake130Blue meringue cakeFrosting130FrostingVanilla cake with strawberry frosting130Vanilla cake with strawberry frosting