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Strawberry parfait120Strawberry parfaitLemon pavlova130Lemon pavlovaPavlova with strawberries130Pavlova with strawberriesEat me!130Eat me!Chocolate ice cream cake130Chocolate ice cream cakeChocolate torte130Chocolate torteTriple strawberry cupcakes130Triple strawberry cupcakesLemon lavender cupcakes132Lemon lavender cupcakesParty marshmallows120Party marshmallowsGlazed mirror cheesecake120Glazed mirror cheesecakeBerry mousse mini tortes130Berry mousse mini tortesVanilla cheesecake130Vanilla cheesecakeWatercolor and ruffles wedding cake130Watercolor and ruffles wedding cakeStrawberry lemonade poke cake132Strawberry lemonade poke cakeChocolate mint layer cake120Chocolate mint layer cakeChocolate-covered strawberry cupcakes130Chocolate-covered strawberry cupcakesSummer cake132Summer cakeCrepe cake with raspberries130Crepe cake with raspberriesHydrangea cookies120Hydrangea cookiesFruit Loops cake130Fruit Loops cake