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Apple tree cupcakes130Apple tree cupcakesMai tai cake132Mai tai cakeCornmeal cuzcuz with coconut milk120Cornmeal cuzcuz with coconut milkCheesecake bars with blueberry sauce130Cheesecake bars with blueberry sauceApricot ice cream120Apricot ice creamAmbrosia angel food cake130Ambrosia angel food cakeBlueberry pistachio cake130Blueberry pistachio cakeWhite chocolate cherry cake130White chocolate cherry cakeStrawberry vanilla mousse130Strawberry vanilla mousseUnfrosted strawberry cupcakes130Unfrosted strawberry cupcakesStrawberry poptarts cupcakes130Strawberry poptarts cupcakesStrawberry blueberry pie130Strawberry blueberry piePassion fruit lime dessert130Passion fruit lime dessertBlueberry swirl cheesecake130Blueberry swirl cheesecakeBlueberry parfait130Blueberry parfaitFresh strawberry cake130Fresh strawberry cakeBanana bundt cake with strawberries130Banana bundt cake with strawberriesPear lime torte130Pear lime torteMarshmellow strawberry torte117Marshmellow strawberry torteGrapefruit champagne cake130Grapefruit champagne cake