Bacon potato pie132Bacon potato pieRed, yellow, and green peppers quiche130Red, yellow, and green peppers quicheBLT chicken salad stuffed tomatoes132BLT chicken salad stuffed tomatoesAvocado grilled cheese130Avocado grilled cheeseGrape-stuffed pork loin130Grape-stuffed pork loinBuffalo blue cheese burger130Buffalo blue cheese burgerVeggie snack117Veggie snackFresh eggs117Fresh eggsColorful gourmet food120Colorful gourmet foodChicken shawarma120Chicken shawarmaChicken alfredo sandwich130Chicken alfredo sandwichStuffed peppers120Stuffed peppersPepperoni pizza grilled cheese130Pepperoni pizza grilled cheeseCheese and salami roll up130Cheese and salami roll upGnocchi with zucchini and clams130Gnocchi with zucchini and clamsAvocado toast130Avocado toastCheese board130Cheese boardBacon guacamole grilled cheese130Bacon guacamole grilled cheeseRoasted bratwurst with peppers and onions130Roasted bratwurst with peppers and onionsPepperoni pizza120Pepperoni pizza