Orchid140OrchidCattelya skinneri full spray140Cattelya skinneri full sprayGood camouflage150Good camouflageGrey150GreyScaly150ScalyBad camouflage140Bad camouflageIguana140IguanaFemale Canivet's emerald140Female Canivet's emeraldPair of Laughing Falcons140Pair of Laughing FalconsCanivet's emerald male140Canivet's emerald maleRed legged honeycreeper140Red legged honeycreeperJacobin perched140Jacobin perchedJacobin in flight140Jacobin in flightFirst male this year140First male this yearRuby throat at Ruellia inundata140Ruby throat at Ruellia inundataYoung male Ruby throat130Young male Ruby throatWhite fronted parrot130White fronted parrotOrange fronted parakeet150Orange fronted parakeetTwo of a kind96Two of a kindParrot117Parrot