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Pixies247PixiesGetting his wand216Getting his wandRoom of Keys216Room of KeysQuiditch Harry187Quiditch HarryTriwizard cup221Triwizard cupDobby216DobbyIce castle yule ball224Ice castle yule ballHarry Potter 1176Harry Potter 1Detention in forbidden forest210Detention in forbidden forestHarry's patronus210Harry's patronusDumbledore and trio224Dumbledore and trioTom Riddle Sr. grave187Tom Riddle Sr. graveHarry talks to snake190Harry talks to snakeDuddly in snake case228Duddly in snake caseCentars225Centars1st task1921st task1st task2161st task1st task2071st task3rd task1923rd taskHarry's egg176Harry's egg