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95 puzzles tagged fractal

Colorful Thread Fractal100Colorful Thread FractalPastel Rainbow Fractal56Pastel Rainbow FractalShiny Colorful Fractal42Shiny Colorful FractalColor Fractal99Color FractalCoat of many colors110Coat of many colorsFractal in Brilliant Colors56Fractal in Brilliant ColorsDan Will's Creation90Dan Will's CreationStairway Fractal by Michael Nathan90Stairway Fractal by Michael NathanThe Web by Olga Fedorenko90The Web by Olga FedorenkoElectron fractal90Electron fractalChuck81ChuckButterfly and Flower Fractalus80Butterfly and Flower FractalusButtercup Fractalius70Buttercup FractaliusColorful Ribbon Fractal80Colorful Ribbon FractalFlowerfractal_SM56Flowerfractal_SM