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bw (15)
actor (11)
shirtless (8)
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floral (3)
flowers (3)
kilt (3)
lumberjack (3)
macro (3)
redhead (3)
cavill (2)
fall (2)
flower (2)

32 results for portrait
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Does not deserve happiness140Does not deserve happinessLost puppy140Lost puppyLost tshirt great hair140Lost tshirt great hairforehead lift-too much hair spray140forehead lift-too much hair sprayangry lost shirt buttons140angry lost shirt buttonsabout to clear out nostrils with finger140about to clear out nostrils with fingerwasn't me who farted140wasn't me who farteddamaged neck needs a brace140damaged neck needs a bracetoo poor for full outfit154too poor for full outfitfractured neck club130fractured neck cluband she told no friends130and she told no friendslost ½ my face in the war of the models140lost ½ my face in the war of the models