male (60)
model (56)
portrait (32)
colour (18)
bw (15)
actor (11)
shirtless (8)
scottish (5)
man (4)
famous (3)
fashion (3)
floral (3)
flowers (3)
kilt (3)
lumberjack (3)
macro (3)
redhead (3)
cavill (2)
fall (2)
flower (2)

18 results for portrait model colour

Forgot to do the neck shave143Forgot to do the neck shaveWearing my long-johns as it's chilly outside136Wearing my long-johns as it's chilly outsideAnyone else think it's chilly outside?130Anyone else think it's chilly outside?Stubbed my toe130Stubbed my toeStagette dancer for hire130Stagette dancer for hireROIDaids for upset tummies130ROIDaids for upset tummiesLittle off the top please130Little off the top pleaseNeed to shave my back...132Need to shave my back...Twwedle-dee130Twwedle-deeVan Cough130Van CoughMichael Fassbender130Michael FassbenderAging Wonderfully130Aging WonderfullyBig Surprise in underpants140Big Surprise in underpantsDangerous nose look130Dangerous nose lookDoes not deserve happiness140Does not deserve happinessLost puppy140Lost puppyLost tshirt great hair140Lost tshirt great hairwasn't me who farted140wasn't me who farted