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colour (17)
bw (15)
actor (11)
shirtless (8)
scottish (5)
man (4)
famous (3)
fashion (3)
floral (3)
flowers (3)
kilt (3)
lumberjack (3)
macro (3)
redhead (3)
cavill (2)
fall (2)
flower (2)
Busty McFarten117Busty McFartenBoxer Beauty120Boxer BeautyCuts like a butter knife120Cuts like a butter knifeMichael Angeleno120Michael AngelenoBubba Toots120Bubba TootsThinly skinny117Thinly skinnyAre you still mad at me?120Are you still mad at me?Likes eating out. At bistros.120Likes eating out. At bistros.And he told two friends, and they told...120And he told two friends, and they told...Posing casually have to pee though120Posing casually have to pee thoughInsie or outside?120Insie or outside?Chesty McMuffin120Chesty McMuffinTreasure hiking trail120Treasure hiking traillil' Teetz Testino117lil' Teetz TestinoBoyish charm120Boyish charmLook left...look right...oh never mind Jose.120Look left...look right...oh never mind Jose.I'm coming out for the world to see.120I'm coming out for the world to see.Lon g lean chimney sweeping machine120Lon g lean chimney sweeping machineItchy Bob117Itchy BobI'll take a neck in extra-long please.120I'll take a neck in extra-long please.