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Rotate the Popsicles20Rotate the PopsiclesRotate the Summer Huts20Rotate the Summer HutsRotate the Poppy Planters16Rotate the Poppy PlantersRotate the Fruit Platter20Rotate the Fruit PlatterRotate the Homer Cupcake28Rotate the Homer CupcakeRotate the Cupcakes15Rotate the CupcakesRotate the Fried Egg24Rotate the Fried EggRotate the Easter Eggs15Rotate the Easter EggsRotate the Easter Bunnies24Rotate the Easter BunniesRotate the Candy Eggs20Rotate the Candy EggsRotate the Cutting Board24Rotate the Cutting BoardRotate the Bird28Rotate the BirdRotate Halloween25Rotate HalloweenRotate Overexertion15Rotate OverexertionRotate Bowl of Cherries24Rotate Bowl of CherriesRotate the Cookies15Rotate the CookiesRotate the Fall Decor15Rotate the Fall DecorRotate the Venn diagram20Rotate the Venn diagramRotate the Alphabet24Rotate the AlphabetRotate Glass Hearts20Rotate Glass Hearts