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Rotate the Angel24Rotate the AngelRotate the Beverage Truck18Rotate the Beverage TruckRotate the Candy12Rotate the CandyRotate Paint Palette20Rotate Paint PaletteLion-king-original-artwork-by-fredi-gertsch16Lion-king-original-artwork-by-fredi-gertschRotate the Architecture28Rotate the ArchitectureRotate the Sea18Rotate the SeaRotate the Spider Web Dew16Rotate the Spider Web DewRotate the Bee12Rotate the BeeRotate the Spatulas15Rotate the SpatulasRotate the Coffee20Rotate the CoffeeRotate the Makeup20Rotate the MakeupRotate the Alphabet20Rotate the AlphabetRotate the Bumper Cars15Rotate the Bumper CarsRotate the Wooden Toys12Rotate the Wooden ToysRotate the Baby Spoons15Rotate the Baby SpoonsRotate the Colorful Thread15Rotate the Colorful ThreadRotate the Beaded Necklaces20Rotate the Beaded NecklacesRotate the Cupcakes20Rotate the CupcakesRotate the Radishes15Rotate the Radishes