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By Amy Tigner35By Amy TignerFluffed Parrot24Fluffed ParrotAndré Derain - Self Portrait20André Derain - Self PortraitRotate the Colorful Thread15Rotate the Colorful ThreadHorse Totem by Craig Kosak25Horse Totem by Craig KosakBalloon Fiesta20Balloon FiestaMagnolia Tree12Magnolia TreeBad Moon16Bad MoonWeapons15WeaponsRiver Bend Farms - Wayne Thiebaud20River Bend Farms - Wayne ThiebaudGraffiti24GraffitiStraws20StrawsRotate the Beaded Necklaces20Rotate the Beaded NecklacesSunset Japan24Sunset JapanForest15ForestNatural Colors21Natural ColorsString of Fish12String of FishSorted and Stacked Paper20Sorted and Stacked PaperLabor Day Laborers20Labor Day LaborersArtist Amanda Clark16Artist Amanda Clark