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Church Painting24Church PaintingSculpture12SculptureAsian Pavilion24Asian PavilionThe Cathedral30The CathedralRotate the Canal Street28Rotate the Canal StreetPainting28PaintingAbstract Oil35Abstract OilRuins18RuinsFontanellato, Northern Italy28Fontanellato, Northern ItalyOld World Laundry35Old World LaundryFranco Fontana Photography24Franco Fontana PhotographyYener Torun Photo30Yener Torun PhotoFreshly Painted Houses24Freshly Painted HousesHouse Mural24House MuralYener Torun Photo36Yener Torun PhotoRotate the Flower Bulb Shop24Rotate the Flower Bulb ShopMong Kok, Hong Kong15Mong Kok, Hong KongItaly24ItalyCaged Birds24Caged BirdsRecessed Lights25Recessed Lights