Holy Trinity Church in Antarctica35Holy Trinity Church in AntarcticaAntarctica. Penguins36Antarctica. PenguinsAntarctica35AntarcticaBurning oil in the Persian Gulf. Photo: Steve McCurry24Burning oil in the Persian Gulf. Photo: Steve McCurryGarbage24GarbageDestroyed forest24Destroyed forestСинички на рябине зимой36Синички на рябине зимойЯгоды рябины в снегу24Ягоды рябины в снегуSnow fairy tale35Snow fairy taleМальчик и северный олень24Мальчик и северный оленьИней24ИнейSturgeon on the rocks28Sturgeon on the rocksOmul from lake Baikal24Omul from lake BaikalOcean wave24Ocean waveExtreme sport. Rock Climber Alex Honnold24Extreme sport. Rock Climber Alex HonnoldColored hills of Danxia, China24Colored hills of Danxia, ChinaThe Canyon Of The Uvac River Serbia24The Canyon Of The Uvac River SerbiaColored rocks Zhangye Danxia China24Colored rocks Zhangye Danxia ChinaLena pillars Natural Park in Russia.24Lena pillars Natural Park in Russia.Caucasian reserve of Adygea35Caucasian reserve of Adygea