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Words to specify: +'original +work' +landscape +palms +mist +colourful +lake +path +water +house

Oman, l'Arabie heureuse49Oman, l'Arabie heureuselakeside32lakesideautumn in the park28autumn in the parktemple bridge35temple bridgeMount Bromo70Mount Bromowaterfront path35waterfront pathPeso da Regua36Peso da Reguain the country35in the countrypeaceful landscape40peaceful landscapeLyons la fôret, Normandy35Lyons la fôret, Normandythe Wall35the Wallin the oasis35in the oasisJumby bay, Antigua72Jumby bay, AntiguaGoa beach35Goa beachthe outdoor life35the outdoor lifeSveta Esser35Sveta EsserBoldt castle32Boldt castleWinslow Homer35Winslow HomerLollipop trees36Lollipop treesyew berries35yew berries