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moonrise, G C Myers110moonrise, G C Myerslandscape by Sveta Esser110landscape by Sveta Esserlakeside community32lakeside communityon the road to love36on the road to lovetired of waiting70tired of waitingRobert Yackel108Robert Yackelwindswept35windsweptSanta Margherita35Santa Margheritatree by Lawrie Dignan252tree by Lawrie Dignanlady of the forest252lady of the forestso long summer, welcome autumn209so long summer, welcome autumna walk in the park110a walk in the parkBehind the trees210Behind the treesSveta Esser110Sveta Esserfield of colour110field of colourpeach orchard35peach orchardCartoon background110Cartoon backgroundAlnwick tree house, Jim Edwards110Alnwick tree house, Jim Edwardsfull moon in winter108full moon in winterzebra tree35zebra tree