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Tenby, Wales70Tenby, Walesforest, Olga Darchuk108forest, Olga Darchukvacation in Tuscany108vacation in Tuscanyin the park210in the parkreflected trees80reflected treescountry road210country roadjungle houses252jungle housesmountain path208mountain pathEvgeny Gordiets252Evgeny GordietsSeyran Khachaturyan252Seyran Khachaturyansummer fjord110summer fjordOman, l'Arabie heureuse49Oman, l'Arabie heureusewillow pattern210willow patternautumn collage110autumn collagelakeside32lakesideportrait110portraitautumn in the park28autumn in the parksecret garden252secret gardenautumn beech108autumn beechtemple bridge35temple bridge