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Words to specify: +colourful +graphics +mountains +landscape +sport +flowers +dogs +animals

marbles108marblesNasr al Molk108Nasr al Molkrainbow cats108rainbow catshoar-frost on plant stem25hoar-frost on plant stemdangerous school run28dangerous school runPulteney bridge, Bath35Pulteney bridge, BathHaoshang in mist32Haoshang in mistdid we always live in a cage, Mom?30did we always live in a cage, Mom?I fell out of my tree!25I fell out of my tree!now for a year's holiday!15now for a year's holiday!Happy new year!36Happy new year!Adoration of the magi, E. Burne-Jones108Adoration of the magi, E. Burne-JonesChristmas surprise9Christmas surpriseeat after use24eat after usemermaid110mermaidstone fish35stone fishold Paris110old Pariscosy retro interior70cosy retro interiora walk in the Alps35a walk in the Alpsvillage in the dolomites35village in the dolomites