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on the boat49on the boatstill life70still lifeSt. John's35St. John'sHappy new year!36Happy new year!The point, Heather Lovat-Fraser70The point, Heather Lovat-FraserChristmas surprise9Christmas surprisetigers by Catherine Musnier81tigers by Catherine Musnierfreaky feline40freaky felinemountain village70mountain villagethe frightened cats, Yaryna Bosak72the frightened cats, Yaryna Bosaksurreal umbrella70surreal umbrellaCastle Coch72Castle Cochmouse caught, Yaryna Bosak49mouse caught, Yaryna Bosakblue cat48blue catcats by Bella Sharkova72cats by Bella Sharkovawhite cat, Maud Lewis20white cat, Maud Lewisred cat, R.Korpita36red cat, R.KorpitaCastell Coch, Chris Langley70Castell Coch, Chris Langleynear Contes, Poul Webb35near Contes, Poul Webbcowboy70cowboy