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ocean (241)
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road to Zuluk from Thambi80road to Zuluk from ThambiSikkim village, Ajay Harit108Sikkim village, Ajay Harita walk in the Alps35a walk in the Alpsvillage in the dolomites35village in the dolomitesCusco painted mountains35Cusco painted mountainsFjord in Norway108Fjord in Norwaya walk in the mountains35a walk in the mountainsHalong rice paddies70Halong rice paddiesski chalet32ski chaletthat autumn feeling35that autumn feelingclear waters35clear watersTigers-nest monastery, Bhutan35Tigers-nest monastery, BhutanHallstatt108Hallstattthe entrance to Queribus110the entrance to Queribushighway of dreams208highway of dreamsalpine guesthouse45alpine guesthousespring in the Pyrenees112spring in the Pyreneessmall beach near Trypiti35small beach near TrypitiKarakoram209Karakoramlakeside72lakeside