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Words to specify: +'folk +colourful +art' +town +paintings +painting +patchwork +colorful +boats +landscape

colourful country252colourful countrycity pressure, Mimi Revencu252city pressure, Mimi RevencuLa Pointe-Courte, Jean-Noël Le Junter210La Pointe-Courte, Jean-Noël Le Junterearly morning210early morningDora Ficher255Dora Fichermy town, Sakuko Sumita252my town, Sakuko SumitaConch houses, Key West252Conch houses, Key Westa sunny corner208a sunny cornerwhimsical village210whimsical villageIschia252Ischiacountry houses, Fauve209country houses, FauveLa Corricella255La CorricellaA Garden To Share210A Garden To Sharevillage255villagecommunity, Pat Kilby208community, Pat KilbyFreudenberg252FreudenbergAmsterdam252AmsterdamSuzanne Claveau209Suzanne ClaveauCanada208Canadalittle patchwork village255little patchwork village