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Jerusalem mosäic252Jerusalem mosäicred apple village, E.Gordiets110red apple village, E.GordietsCastle Coombe35Castle Coombeunder the palms252under the palmssteep streets35steep streetshouses210housesMermaid street, Rye108Mermaid street, Ryeprovençal harvest210provençal harvestMarseille, Sara Catena255Marseille, Sara Catenathe Lake District108the Lake DistrictRio252RioGöreme valley houses60Göreme valley housesKatia Almeida110Katia Almeidanight in town252night in townLa Havane, Abel Matos252La Havane, Abel MatosColourful houses110Colourful housesoyster shacks, Fort Royer35oyster shacks, Fort RoyerSighisoara35Sighisoarawooden houses35wooden houseslittle town35little town