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El Caminito, Buenos Aires108El Caminito, Buenos Airesbridge over the Tarn32bridge over the TarnConch houses, Key West252Conch houses, Key Westdove of peace81dove of peacea sunny corner208a sunny cornerwhimsical village210whimsical villageSikkim village, Ajay Harit108Sikkim village, Ajay HaritSainte Enimie70Sainte Enimiemountain village70mountain villageStaithes108StaithesIschia252Ischiaold Paris110old Pariscountry houses, Fauve209country houses, Fauveold Tblisi108old Tblisihouses on Procida35houses on ProcidaLa Corricella255La CorricellaRothenburg city gate108Rothenburg city gateHindeloopen35HindeloopenMegisti, Kastellorizo110Megisti, KastellorizoA Garden To Share210A Garden To Share