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Words to specify: +colourful +canal +street +old +france +river +boats +italy +bridge +buildings

Staithes108StaithesRothenburg city gate108Rothenburg city gateEastgate street, Chester112Eastgate street, Chestercity roofs110city roofsin art class108in art classBernkastel108BernkastelFlorence108Florencesunrise at Vernazza108sunrise at VernazzaAnnecy108AnnecyWelcome to Lucban, Manuel Baldemor108Welcome to Lucban, Manuel Baldemorcinque terre, Sophie Jourdain110cinque terre, Sophie JourdainMostar108Mostartown street108town streetRabat old town108Rabat old towncolourful town, Sophie Jourdan110colourful town, Sophie JourdanKaysersberg108Kaysersbergstreet view112street viewsainte marie108sainte marieCartagena108CartagenaHonfleur108Honfleur