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Words to specify: +colourful +town +greece +flowers +village +old +painting +colorful +architecture

New Orleans french quarter108New Orleans french quarterRothenburg city gate108Rothenburg city gateRothenburg of the deaf108Rothenburg of the deafCanada208Canadacolourful welsh street108colourful welsh streetCastle Coombe35Castle Coombesteep streets35steep streetsMermaid street, Rye108Mermaid street, RyeSighisoara35Sighisoarasecond street, Nikki Pritchett208second street, Nikki Pritchettquiet street24quiet streetRainbow Alley, T.James35Rainbow Alley, T.JamesGerberoy, France108Gerberoy, FranceGuanajuato street108Guanajuato streetBernkastel108Bernkastelcobbled street108cobbled streetstreet scene, Thailand210street scene, ThailandBremen side street36Bremen side streetsmall houses35small housesIrsha street, Appledore108Irsha street, Appledore