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Suzanne Claveau209Suzanne ClaveauCanada208Canadafirst snow110first snowsteep street108steep streetquilted city210quilted citycolourful Curacao108colourful CuracaoColorful Country, Richard Patt210Colorful Country, Richard Pattcolourful welsh street108colourful welsh streetMiljenko Bengez252Miljenko BengezBurano revisited112Burano revisitedmorning mist32morning mistOld Pembroke Quay, D.S.Davies209Old Pembroke Quay, D.S.Daviescoastal village252coastal villagefloating houses, Vancouver209floating houses, Vancouveron lake Garda108on lake GardaBurano35Buranosmall town208small townJerusalem mosäic252Jerusalem mosäicred apple village, E.Gordiets110red apple village, E.Gordietsunder the palms252under the palms