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Words to specify: +'folk +art' +paintings +town +painting +colorful +street +boats +sea +harbour

my town, Sakuko Sumita252my town, Sakuko Sumitaceramic tile110ceramic tileEl Caminito, Buenos Aires108El Caminito, Buenos AiresConch houses, Key West252Conch houses, Key Westa sunny corner208a sunny cornerwhimsical village210whimsical villageIschia252Ischiacountry houses, Fauve209country houses, Fauveold Tblisi108old Tblisihouses on Procida35houses on ProcidaLa Corricella255La CorricellaMegisti, Kastellorizo110Megisti, KastellorizoA Garden To Share210A Garden To Sharevillage255villagecommunity, Pat Kilby208community, Pat KilbyRothenburg of the deaf108Rothenburg of the deafAmsterdam252Amsterdamcolourful Italy112colourful Italystarry night108starry nightcolourful country108colourful country