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St.Tropez110St.TropezCamogli, Sara Catena110Camogli, Sara CatenaLa Pointe-Courte, Jean-Noël Le Junter210La Pointe-Courte, Jean-Noël Le JunterMegisti, Kastellorizo110Megisti, Kastellorizocolourful Curacao108colourful Curacaocoastal village252coastal villageMarseille, Sara Catena255Marseille, Sara CatenaLa Havane, Abel Matos252La Havane, Abel Matosoyster shacks, Fort Royer35oyster shacks, Fort Royermesogeia36mesogeiain the fjords108in the fjordsKees Kooy 2108Kees Kooy 2Ross Lynem210Ross LynemBrittany108Brittanyseaside, Kees Kooy110seaside, Kees Kooynight sailing110night sailingKinvara, Galway bay112Kinvara, Galway baySaõ Paulo108Saõ PauloMichiel Schrijver209Michiel SchrijverNyksund108Nyksund