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Psychotria elata, hotlips flower28Psychotria elata, hotlips flowerKatia Almeida110Katia Almeidastill life70still lifefamily108familycrown imperial lilies108crown imperial liliesPeony20PeonyGeorges Robert@Trebor studio252Georges Robert@Trebor studiocottage garden, Suzanne Claveau108cottage garden, Suzanne Claveausummer zentangle255summer zentangleGarden35Gardenflowers on show, Wilma Barnwell110flowers on show, Wilma Barnwellbutterfly on gentian35butterfly on gentianCrocus110Crocushooked rug108hooked rugfolk art cats210folk art catslavender and hayfields108lavender and hayfieldsvilla gardens35villa gardensvase of flowers108vase of flowersflowers and a butterfly210flowers and a butterflyCalypso cottage252Calypso cottage