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Diwali candle holders72Diwali candle holderslake cottages252lake cottagescats and flowers210cats and flowersnaive art landscape210naive art landscapesunny day, Sunita Khedekar110sunny day, Sunita Khedekarspring garden patrol108spring garden patrolsunrise110sunrisebuttonscape210buttonscapeIndian summer255Indian summerhome sweet home108home sweet homebouquet210bouquetYorkshire spring70Yorkshire springgreen terrace, Guido Borelli35green terrace, Guido Borellicatterfly110catterflyspring in the garden35spring in the gardenRachel Derstine quilt252Rachel Derstine quiltAlain Bédard252Alain Bédardflower doodle252flower doodlemural garden252mural gardencherry blossom108cherry blossom